Providing repair solutions for over a decade, ENAME's customers can count on a quick, effective response tailored to their needs.


Ensure the flow of your support service process by relying on ENAME's efficient, comprehensive and cost-effective logistics solutions.


Complete product life-cycle management, from extending the life and usefulness of old products to correct disposal at their end-of-life.

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Providing the first step of the support service process, connecting end-users to the solutions they seek quickly and effectively.

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ENAME is, since the date of its inception, a value added technology partner, available to manufacturers, assemblers, resellers and end-users in the Information Technologies market. The result of strong technological investment, ENAME seeks to stay one step ahead of the market, anticipating its needs and providing solutions. Evidence of this are the numerous mutations it has undergone throughout the years. Initially a technical services provider for out of warranty equipment, it quickly became a solution provider for manufacturers, not only restricted to repairs, but also providing logistics and operational solutions.


ENAME's Vision is to be recognized for its competence, responsibility, honesty, transparency and profitability.


Ename's Policy is transversal to the entire company and involves all employees, based on the following fundamental principles:

- Customer Focus - Establish cordial and effective relationships with partners, promoting the development of the best available techniques, and ensuring compliance with customer, legal, regulatory and other applicable requirements.

- Competent People - Ensure continuous information and training of employees on the technical requirements of customers and their equipment, as well as on techniques and procedures that ensure the quality of processes and services, seeking the contribution of transversal teams to produce more and better , with less effort, more competence, more security and satisfaction for significant stakeholders.

- Environmental Protection - Protect the environment by minimizing its environmental impacts (reduction of energy consumption, minimization of waste production, reuse and recycling);

- Continuous Improvement - Design quality, environment, safety and health at work management systems, establishing in these areas, and in compliance with the principle of continuous improvement and thinking based on risks and opportunities, the improvement objectives and cyclically evaluating the results obtained with a view to improving the effectiveness of the SG.

- Zero accidents - Promote safe and healthy working conditions. Eliminate hazards and reduce risks, preventing the occurrence of accidents and occupational diseases.

- Innovation - ENAME aims to be recognized for its competence, responsibility, honesty, transparency and profitability, standing out especially for its innovative vision. We commit to leading the way in innovation, surpassing conventional standards and constantly exploring new approaches and technologies. This vision is not just a goal, but a mindset that permeates the entire organization, driving us to face challenges with creativity and embrace opportunities with boldness. We believe that innovation is essential to sustainable progress, guiding us to constantly redefine the limits of what is possible and inspire positive change in our industry and beyond.

- Conciliation - Ensure the conciliation between professional, family and personal life, through the implementation of organizational practices and the establishment of partnerships that bring personal and family benefits to its employees, in accordance with the principles and values underlying conciliation and in a way that satisfies the applicable requirements.

The implementation of this policy allows everyone to act in an active, participative and committed way, and thus, rationalize work, save resources, promote the company's credibility, act in the prevention of environmental pollution and in the prevention of health and safety at work.


[NP ISO 9001; NP ISO 14001; NP ISO 45001 and NP ISO 4552]: Provision of Assistance Services, Repair and Reconditioning of Electronic and Peripheral Equipment. Sale of Parts for Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

[NP 4457]: Research, development and innovation of advanced integrated technological solutions for the industrial and agri-food sector.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Its purpose is to guide the appropriate practices to be followed by its employees, as well as the relationship between partner companies and suppliers.

The main commitments of the Code of Ethics and Conduct

Professionalism: Apply knowledge of the most appropriate techniques and the effort necessary to fulfill the tasks entrusted to each employee. Seek to update and develop knowledge and skills, with a view to improving professional skills

Integrity: Act honestly, refraining from seeking or accepting from a third party any compensation, favor or advantage for an act performed in the service of Ename and refusing to intervene in situations where there is, or may be, a conflict of interest.

Independence: Acting in the defense of Ename's interests with impartiality in relation to third parties.

Confidence: Acting, with internal or external interlocutors, in a confident, correct, loyal and cooperative manner.

Non-discrimination: Do not differentiate according to race, gender, sexual orientation, creed, marital status, physical disability, political or opinion orientation, ethnic or social origin or place of birth.

Responsibility: Act within the responsibility and autonomy assigned. Protect and conserve Ename's assets through the sensible and careful use of resources.

Confidentiality: Keep the confidentiality of the information that the employee has access to in the exercise of their functions, and cannot use it to obtain advantages for themselves or for third parties.

Non-competition: Do not engage, directly or indirectly, in activities that compete with Ename, while there is a contractual relationship with Ename.

Loyalty: Safeguard the good image, credibility and prestige of Ename and the brands we work with in all situations;

Legality: Always comply with applicable law and regulations, with forced labor, slavery, child labor or harassment prohibited. All complaints and complaints must be forwarded to the Human Resources Department (rh@Ename.pt) not leading to retaliation.

Reconciliation: Organize and plan work, in order to facilitate the conciliation between professional, personal and family life.

Respect for Stakeholders: Respect the needs and expectations of stakeholders, creating mechanisms for listening and communicating with them.

Management System Sector

Provision of Assistance Services, Repair and Reconditioning of Electronic and Peripheral Equipment. Sale of Parts for Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Constantly evolving and adapting to ever changing global market conditions for over a decade, ENAME's growth is sustained with the vast majority of the results being reinvested in the company.


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